I was so committed to getting back to daily posts.
and then…

Recognition – I first wanted to use this word in recognizing where God is at work. It is also a word of celebration or acknowledgment and part of my goal here is to bring glory to God.

After my last post, I was still thinking of this painting. How the three trees spoke to me of Father, Son, Spirit and sometimes we don’t see the forest (or God) through the trees.

Here’s where more recognition (noticing God’s hand) came in.

For guests, I usually refresh bedding before their arrival since the cats play under covers. One is there right now! I had taken the bed apart, posted this painting for Monday and that afternoon – my Candian friend I met through this photo/painting said she was driving through and asked to stay overnight. Wisconsin was her original plan.

I felt like God was calling her here and preparing me for her arrival.

As she came in the door (she has stayed one other time), she noticed this painting and remembered the sunset and trees from when we met in Hawaii.

I call these God moments.

I pray today that you too will notice how God IS speaking directly to you and will have recognition for His marvelous ways!


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