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Beloved webSeveral weeks ago I had the word beloved keep playing in my mind and saying it needed to be painted.

How do you paint BELOVED?

With the blank canvas in front of me and not knowing what was to come, I painted the phrase “He calls you beloved.” Now how do you get the rest of the paint on the canvas? You paint over it and do it again.

I think we often forget that WE ARE HIS BELOVED. It may be inside but we don’t see it enough so we need to put it on the outside too.

Maybe it’s time for a beloved sticker on your mirror, your war room wall (good movie!), or on your computer. Could be why a young woman has it tattooed on her forearm.

The world will never give us the best picture of ourselves. It seeks to point out flaws and sell cover-ups.

Listen to what He says about you – that is the real truth!

God designed you so beautifully and HE calls you BELOVED!!

2 thoughts on “beloved”

  1. Nice depiction of the words. Also glad you explain how you did it. In my very early days of looking at painting, I had no idea about the painting over the background. I thought the painter put the details inside the other parts and around the other parts. I tried painting like that in high school and it was a mess with oil paints. Lovely painting, as always!! And great message.

    1. I did some personal ones I called prayer squares…under was a color with my concerns then I used white and it blended with to create a background color and then put what I felt were the answers on top in a bolder color. Just a way He led me. I’m sure some painters do things a bit different! If you really like your background, it can be intimidating to try and paint writing on it. Blessings to you and yours!

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