anticipation, attitude, blessings, encouragement, expectations, God is faithful, hope, influence, joy, living in fear, mystery, peace, ponderings, praise, trust

detour or destruction

warning - bridge out
warning – bridge out
We often get so focused on the bumps in the road in this worldly life, we forget there is a bigger picture. It’s not about what we do – it is about who (whose) we are.

The good news – and there always is good news!!

Death is not our destruction.

For many the goal is to have quality health, amazing family, and faith in “something.” And most will admit it hasn’t worked so well. If a great “worldly” life is the plan – are we really doing what we were created for?

Answering the call of our Lord, you can expect to have some bumps. Maybe that’s what scares some from stepping out…

I started writing this in June…so many thoughts along the way…

“Fear not” and “Do not be afraid” are mentioned 365 times in the Bible. I feel if we were living from that perspective with love, peace and joy, we’ll see problems as great possibilities!

Click to read more about this photo from Haiti.

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