dream flight

Time to Fly – Encaustic (oil paint and hot wax) 12×12 panel

Around my yard are a few birdhouses. Not all see occupants but it’s a treasure to watch birds maneuver their twigs and sing their songs of communication to the world. It’s not very long before the bird songs disappear as the young ones are pushed to try their wings.

This particular house is made with a back door so the nest can be removed (not all birds like to reuse). As I opened I saw eggs and closed again, leaving them a few weeks and watching for more activity. No birds returned. I decided to use them in a painting with pieces of the nest and young feathers left behind. A tribute to those who didn’t get to fly and wonder to the adventures of the others.

We were all created to soar. Maybe not with wings flapping but the instincts given by our Creator are for doing more than we imagined. His plan is always to bring us where we need to be.

A sweet message to me that as I follow His leading, understand the ways He has designed me and listen to where He leads – I too will be where I’m needed to be. Jonah didn’t want to follow what he heard. He tried to avoid God and where he was supposed to be. We can ignore, but its so much better to go!

Within your heart you can make plans for your future,
but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there. Proverbs 16:9 TPT

I pray today you will know His leading and listen for that sweet song that reveals His ways. They are higher and better and might not look as you expect! I never thought I would be creating art, traveling to other countries or be a part of managing a gallery. BUT GOD…. had bigger dreams than I dared to live! May you dare to dream bigger and soar to new heights too! We press on….

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