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laughing at impossibilities

I won’t share photo progress. It is way too messy. Three weeks ago I pulled up the dark green indoor/outdoor carpet on the porch. It was here when I got the house in 1993 and was the only carpet in the house. The porch is definitely a favorite place for cats and me so the dreams of change started long ago. This seemed the year to tackle it.

About 4 years ago I pulled back a corner to see how easy it might be removed. Didn’t seem too hard. I started looking for flooring, reading about how to remove the carpet glue and didn’t realize there was linoleum gunk in there too. I just finished grinding down the last section to pretty clean cement! WOW – what a lightness to the space!

We all have some dreams. Whether it be with a house project, improving relationships, starting a garden, joining a ministry or even a new career. Sometimes NOW is not the time, but keep the dreams alive! Read, improve, learn. Put into action what you’re able to now and write, journal or draw what it WILL be like.

Dreams do come true but with a cost and daring to keep it alive!

“Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees,
And looks to God alone;
Laughs at impossibilities,
And cries it shall be done.”
Charles Wesley

We are ALL called to dream BIG dreams! With God – nothing is impossible.

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