the light of the world

Merry Christmas to all!

I ponder a lot deeper toward the end of the year. Reviewing my journey and journals and then praying for clear direction, next steps and asking God – What do you want to show me? This year has had a lot more of that along the way but I still intend for some extra time as the year winds down.

After I painted the small pieces for the advent writings, I started on a larger piece in oil/coldwax. Seemed those wise men were sticking around to share more with me. As I did some of the scribbling, I brought some shapes to the area that looked like a stable. In reality – I wish that was the scene across the whole panel!

It still spoke so many messages. I think of how far away those wisemen were but they were watching, listening, expectant. They knew history and prophecy but not when that might really come to be. So it is with us.

Be expectant. Be listening. Be watching.
Expect to see His Light, His Love, His Hope.
The King is there to be found!

May you see the LIGHT that shines in the darkness, guiding you to the ONE who was and is and always will be! Thank you Jesus for the gifts You have given to the world. Let us embrace all that You have to offer and know how deep the Father’s love is through Your precious Son!

See you in the New Year!!! Blessings to your holidays!!!

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