In God We Trust

Today will bring varying emotions through the US and beyond. One thing is for certain, God is the only one who deserves all of our trust. He is the only one always faithful. He is the firm foundation. If we put more trust in others than in Him, we are fooling ourselves and making idols. Family, friends, politicians or others are not our Savior.

I do believe we have great reason to hope. Not because of any political outcome, but because we have heavenly promises.

In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

I had a friend email me today to apologize for sending negative emails on political things. I would just delete them and only responded to those not political. I shared with them that I will not join the party of hatred and division that has been so rampant in our country. I am siding with Jesus who came to bring all things together again!

Lord, help us see past the division that our enemy satan is trying to bring and side instead with the unity and grace that Christ so richly supplies. If we need to humble ourselves and apologize to others, help us to do that with love and show that our relationships on earth are more important than political beliefs. You Jesus have shown us that love is the better way. Lord we thank you that You go before us, You give wise council and You help us to do what is right. I pray for our country’s leaders to come together so we can once again but united for the betterment of America and her people without party divisions.

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