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its a new day dawning

It’s time to sing Your song again…

As we sang this in church I was remembering the little things this past week. I finished the Ann Voskamp book One Thousand Gifts, a very inspiring read – then the words to this song….

For all your goodness I will keep on singing
10,000 reasons for my heart to find.

God’s abundant gifts surround us every where we turn.


three good wheels on grocery cart
thick veggie soup
fresh squeezed lime
a foot of morning snow
squirrel racing down white road

I NEVER want to be the same as I was yesterday but moving forward, learning, experiencing more of my Savior.

And on that day when my strength is failing
The end draws near and my time has come
Soon my soul will sing Your praise unending
10,000 years and there forever more

Bless the Lord oh my soul
Oh my soul
Worship His Holy Name
Sing like never before
Oh my soul
I worship Your Holy Name

Matt Redman

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always wanting more

Shower of Blessings: Are You Open To Receive?
This kingdom laden with glory, this, the pearl of great price, the field I’d sell everything to possess. This is the pearl that crams me with a happiness that throbs, serrated edge, pit open wide for more of His glory. The only placed we have to come before we die is the place of seeing God. This is what I’m famished for: more of the God-glory.
Ann Voskamp, one thousand gifts

Do you remember the story of the rich young ruler who asked Jesus, “What must I do to have eternal life?”

He was told he lacked one thing – to sell it all, give to the poor, and follow Him.

The young man had so much….he would not surrender.

Are you famished for more of Him or holding on to your treasures?

Would you sell-give-lose-forfeit all you have for HIM…for that pearl in a field?

He did it for you.

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its in the little things

All are looking for IT but what is IT?

A deep sense of purpose,
oneness with another – with nature – with God.

A cat is on my lap sniffing…looking for IT.
A foreign smell – she doesn’t know.
A baby was sleeping in my arms. That brought some of IT to my day.

thankfulness – treasures – moments – joy – tranquility

…cat still sniffs…wondering…
…I am remembering…

I mentioned reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. Still in process and savoring. She took a challenge to write 1000 gifts and shares about her life changing in the process. Her writing style draws you in to the grace and peace of thankfulness.

Some treasures to my day…

babe asleep and trusting
curious cat seeking
soup filled garden fresh
blackberries – YES
the joy of my friend with her bag of Ghirardelli chips

Time to read – I’m inspired to see the gifts in each day and give God thanks.