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imagine that

Noontime prayer for the city was on renewed passion to worship. As prayers were spoken around the room I kept seeing David in his abandon before God. He was unashamed even though others were embarrassed for him.

I too want to worship in that way. In some places/groups I find it difficult – usually because nobody else seems to be.

Let’s be like David – the man after God’s own heart!!

There was also a section to pray for the arts in the city and in worship. I recognized the voice across the room thanking God for “Judith” who brought color, texture, and wonders to their sanctuary. It was a great pleasure to be one of the artists to help bring some renewal to his beautiful church.

–Lord Jesus…May the Holy Spirit fill us in the same way that He filled You, so that we can be a people overflowing with joyful praise to the Father–

8 thoughts on “imagine that”

    1. “That God will inspire artists and those in the entertainment industry with creativity and wisdom that reflect God’s beauty; that they will seek God themselves and come to follow Christ with courage; that their work will bring strength, goodness and hope to our communities.” May this be poured out in ALL cities Lord!

  1. I want to be like David, too. My dancing is pretty sad, though.
    Like you, I often feel the constraints of the stye of those around me.
    Your contribution to the beauty of the city is wonderful!

    1. Maybe David’s dancing was the embarrassing part not his dress? We continually compare and rate ourselves but we are made in HIS image! Shine on!

  2. My comment may sound a little unkind but I am going somewhere with it.

    We had a guy in our church years ago who used to dance with reckless abandon. I don’t think he had a rhythmic bone in his body but he didn’t care. To many, he was a spectacle.

    There was something I admired about his freedom. I am sure it was not too different from David in his day.

    Years later, in one of the most broken moments of my life, I sat in a room on my own and cried at a deeper level than I had ever done before. And probably since.

    Somehow, the freedom to do so reminds me of the freedom this guy had. He could edit out thoughts of his public image and what people thought. For me, it took a private room to be free enough to cry. Yet he could dance in public.

    Here I was saving face. Here he was, a well-educated, credentialed professional, and he didnt care what people thought.

    That speaks deeply to me. In many ways, he was far healthier and stronger than the rest of us.



    1. I wonder if that is part of my time away from church and just worshiping and learning at home. A place where I was free to experience Him in His fullness. Thanks for sharing Chaz – sounds like he had the childlike heart leading him! May we all find and experience even more of that too.

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