Five-Minute Friday {gone}

Grace – grace…
He gives freely if we just come…

Living In Graceland

This is not part of the FMF link-up, the weekly round-up of bloggers waiting for Kate to give us the word prompt which signals “GO” for free-style-no-editing-writing-for-5-minutes-comment-on-the-blog-before-you frenzy. I like this community and have developed favorites I search for to read their take on the word of the week.

But this week, we’re gone. Away. On a plane. Outta here. No time to check the Twitter feed at 10PM Thursday night to let the word drift in and out of my thoughts til morning. Just can’t do it this time but I don’t want to miss writing something.


The Pyramid was featured in the Tom Cruise movie, The Firm. The Pyramid was featured in the Tom Cruise movie, The Firm.

So we’re gone to Memphis on a business trip. Required attendance to the city we lived for three years, to the city we left our son. Bonus for us to see him and his wife on this trip.

Buffalo were an unexpected sight in Memphis. Shelby Farms…

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