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under the surface

Let’s restart simple and fresh – more on what God’s been doing will come but here is a painting that I started during a healing service and felt many words from God as I worked on it at home. Let me know your thoughts….

under the surface web
Under the Surface – oil on canvas

It is actually hard to paint so many words and for people to read them but it felt right. For easier reading – here they are…

Long before the brush touches the canvas, the ideas and images are forming. Bringing them to life is not just a matter of skill but a matter of the heart and the soul. A journey into the unknown. A courageous step of faith to bring life to an empty canvas. Sharing an intimate look that leaves one vulnerable and exposed.  It must be done. The painting will come to life with one message but so many more are “under the surface” waiting to be discovered. We all have a story that needs to be shared with someone, somewhere. Now is the time to push aside the perceived limitations and rediscover the message you have not yet shared. You have all you need and what you have is what someone else is waiting for. Be brave. The canvas can’t be completed without you.


5 thoughts on “under the surface”

  1. This is beautiful, Judi. And I’m so grateful to once again read, It’s not really about me. I have missed your insights and your gorgeous art. What’s been happening with you?

      1. Doing fantastic, Judi. My wife and I are co-parenting two beautiful granddaughters, 6 and 3, five days a week. And we keep them two nights a week. That’s probably all I need to say. Anything you can imagine happening around here on any given day is probably true! :>) Glad you’re back. Will you catch us up on what’s been going on with you? And I hope to see more art soon. God bless.

  2. I agree that the empty page or canvas asks courage of us. It is far more easy to begin and continue if one feels accompanied. The words are lovely, very much “on.” The swan is a favorite of mine. We have a pair on our pond in the fall. They have everything they need, yet are masters of simplicity – nap, eat, swim, enjoy creation, being in the moment at all times. The word ‘vulnerable’ caught my attention. I’ve learned that when we are vulnerable, our modeling gives other people the permission they sometimes need to truly be themselves. Jesus was the ultimate example, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and have to keep climbing the ladder of success to no where.

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